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Terms of Service / User Agreement

McLean County Recorder Subscription User Agreement

Internet Access to the Recorder’s Database of Indexed Information and Documents

By agreeing to the terms, the user acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions of this Subscription.

User Agreement, for Internet Access to the McLean County Recorders Index Search Information.

1. This agreement is between the McLean County Recorder and the User, for internet access to the McLean County Recorder’s Index of recorded documents and images.

2. Definitions:

a. Public Access. Means that the public can inspect and obtain a copy of the information or images in the McLean County Recorder’s Index.

b. Remote Access: means viewing of the index and images in the McLean County Recorder’s database from a computer on the internet.

c. Subscriber: means any person or business authorized by the McLean County Recorder to have remote access to the Database of recorded documents and images as well as the person or entity signing this User Agreement to obtain remote access to the Database.

d. Recorder: means the McLean County Recorder.

e. Agreement: means this user agreement, which may be amended from time-to-time by the McLean County Recorder, without prior notice. The current agreement will be posted for download on the Recorder’s Index Search home page.

f. Database: means the index of recorded document images and indexed search information maintained by the McLean County Recorder.

3. Term of the Agreement. It is the intent of both parties to participate in a remote access program to commence on the day the Subscriber ID and Password are assigned and continue until terminated as provided herein.

4. Subscription Options. The McLean County Recorder will provide Remote Access to the Database per the User Agreement. An Individual User Account is granted for a limited time of 30 days but may be renewed as many times as desired on request and so long as the individual complies with the Agreement. Commercial accounts are issued for single or multiple users of one business entity and will continue until terminated by either party.

5. Days and Hours of Operation: Remote access to the Database may be available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, including all holidays, or otherwise at the discretion of the Recorder. Exceptions include during periods of preventative or remedial maintenance, operational issues out of the control of the McLean County or it’s Recorder and when addressing security issues or intrusion.

6. Fees: At the time of signing this agreement there is no fee for access to or printing documents from the Recorder’s Index. Fees may be charged at the discretion of the Recorder or McLean County Board with 30 days written notice. The McLean County Recorder reserves the right to suspend or terminate service for nonpayment of fees if and when they are imposed.

7. Services: The McLean County Recorder, deputies, employees or agents shall provide the Subscriber with “inquiry only” access to the Recorder’s Index system. The Recorder’s office shall provide limited consultation on specific problems that arise in the use of the website or limited telephone training needed to properly use the website. The Recorder does not guarantee consultation results, accuracy or dependability of the database, availability of either the image or index of all documents and does not warrant or represent that the database is free of problems or errors. The information or data accessed by the Subscriber may or may not be the official government record required by law. In order to insure the accuracy of the data the Subscriber should consult the original image of the document. McLean County or the McLean County Recorder may terminate or modify the service or access to the service at any time.

8. Subscriber Obligations: It is the responsibility of the Subscriber to purchase computer hardware and software and/or make modification to their existing equipment that are necessary for access to the Database. The Subscriber is responsible for ensuring that unauthorized personnel do not use the Subscriber’s user ID and Password to gain access to the Recorder’s Index. A business subscriber will keep a current list of user names and passwords, for those in it’s organization, and will notify the Recorder immediately when an associate is added or terminated by emailing

9. Bulk Use or Access to Data. Access to this online database of McLean County Recorder’s records is intended for the individual person, or professional support of an individual person, business, transaction requiring land records, media, and historical or genealogical research which requires access to land records.   These McLean County Recorder’s records are not offered for the purpose of bulk downloading, copying, or amalgamating.   Search or use of the McLean County Recorder’s records in a sequential numeric manner, whether by document , property index or other number search criteria is prohibited.   Violation of this provision will result in immediate termination of user privileges without notice.    Data downloaded from this database for resale or to populate land records databases to be offered for use by a 3rd party is prohibited.  Any data from these McLean County Recorder’s records which is included in such a database not owned, controlled or licensed by McLean County, shall be removed from such database immediately when notified by McLean County.

10. Limitations of Liability. The Subscriber relieves and releases the McLean County Recorder, County Board, their employees and agents, from liability including, but not limited to, any and all damages resulting from interrupted service, incorrect data or any misinformation accessed from the Recorder’s Index. The Subscriber further relieves and releases the same from liability for any and all damages resulting from any claim or demand against any subscriber or user by any other party.

11. Termination: Either party may terminate this agreement without cause upon 7 days written notice. If fees have been imposed, Subscriber remains responsible for payment of fees for services rendered or obligations incurred upon continued use of the database after having been notified of the imposition of charges for use. This Agreement may be terminated immediately by the McLean County Recorder for Subscriber’s failure to comply with any of the terms of this Agreement or failure to perform any of its obligations. This Agreement shall also terminate immediately if the McLean County Board fails to appropriate or continue funding for services provided under this Agreement.



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